4 Major Mistakes That are Made When Face Washing

Posted by Dom, Owner of BahD by D LLC on Jul 10th 2019

1) Cleansing hands and fingernails first.  Your hands carry all kinds of germs and bacteria. Before washing your face, you should cleanse your hands and fingernails thoroughly.2) Selecting Produc … read more

Black Soap Bar

May 28th 2018

The most difficult thing is taking the aspects of all that you know about a product and then converting it into something that can be used, in its natural state, to heal and help.  Ive toggled wi … read more

Face Mask Trial

Mar 30th 2018

This was to be a very fun experiment! A customer requested a face soap made from black soap.  The only prob with that is that using the Raw African black soap, I would literally be stripping the … read more

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