4 Major Mistakes That are Made When Face Washing

Posted by Dom, Owner of BahD by D LLC on Jul 10th 2019

1) Cleansing hands and fingernails first.  Your hands carry all kinds of germs and bacteria. Before washing your face, you should cleanse your hands and fingernails thoroughly.

2) Selecting Products Based on SKIN TYPE and Skin Needs.  Many people purchase products base on recommendations of others or the descriptions of what problems the product solve.  Ask yourself; is my skin oily, dry, or both? How will this product effect me?

3) Using hot water to wash.  DO NOT.... I repeat, DO NOT, wash your face with hot water!!!  Washing your face with hot water strips your pores and skin cells of important nutrients which can cause your skin to be dry and brittle.  Always wash with lukewarm water and pat dry with a cool towel

4) Rubbing your face dry after washing.  This is a NO NO! After washing your face in LUKEWARM water, light apply moisturizer (if needed), and pat dry with a cool WHITE face towel.

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